Williams Renewables will be attending a Renewable Energy Exchange (REX) networking event on the 26th June at Ardingly.


This event creates a market-place that enables those interested in investing in renewable or energy efficiency technologies to have a series of pre-arranged appointments with potential suppliers. Buyers can then review their options and so make well-informed and timely decisions as to the best technology to utilise and the right installer to work with.


Renewable Energy Exchange


REX networking events are ideal for landowners, businesses, housing associations, schools and all others looking to take advantage of the FiT, RHI and Green Deal schemes.


The event brings together a wide range of companies available for pre-arranged appointments to discuss the viability of potential renewable projects such as: solar pv panels uk, wind power, biomass heating, heat pumps and solar thermal. In addition, there are Green Deal seminars & workshops focused on energy efficiency projects.


As solar panel installers in London, Williams Renewables will be attending the event covering the South East and running a workshop specialising in Solar Trackers.



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