West Kirby Residential School


West Kirby Residential School is set to become one of the greenest schools in the country when solar panels are installed by Williams Renewables Ltd.


The rooftop solar panels will generate renewable electricity which will reduce the school’s reliance on fossil fuels while highlighting the issue of climate change, help them make savings by reducing the electricity they buy, and giving them an income from the Feed in Tariff.


A monitor screen in the school building will display how much energy the panels are generating and how much carbon dioxide they have saved to date.


The School will also be able to access their energy data on the Internet, along with educational materials which teachers can download for use in the classroom.


Williams Renewables Nic Sidebottom said “we are very proud to have West Kirby Residential School as one of our clients. It is a very prestigious project for us”


West Kirby Residential School chose Williams renewables as they needed a company they could trust to comply with the regulations required to work on school premises and get the installation right first time minimising disruption within the school.


Marilyn Josey, Head of Support Services at the School said: “We are looking towards a better future for the whole school community; our pupils are very keen on becoming a sustainable school. Renewable energy is our most ambitious project so far and will have the greatest impact. “


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