Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating is the luxury you and your house deserve.  With the advantages of removing radiators from the room and the increase comfort level due to the even heat, underfloor heating is becoming a standard for all renovations and new builds.


Laying Underfloor heating pipe

The concept of underfloor heating dates back to Roman times, when air warmed by open fires would pass through voids under the floor, heating the tiled floors. Today, Williams Renewables recommends installing wet systems which are very efficient due to the lower running temperatures.  As with all heating systems, the planning of the system is very important. We understand every house is different, so we design every system on CAD to give peace of mind that the system will work as efficiently as possible.


Underfloor heating can be connected to all types of heating systems including biomass, heat pumps and condensing boilers.  We can install systems in many types of floor construction including screed, floating and joisted floor systems.  If your project is on a budget, it is often cost effective to have underfloor heating downstairs only and radiators upstairs.


The best time to install underfloor heating is during the construction phase of a new build or a refurbishment project of you home.  Williams Renewables is able to design a system around your plans with the placement of manifolds and controls in convent locations for you.


We have a variety of options for the installation of the system from Supply only, Supply and Commission only, or a full turn key solution . We are more than happy to work with your builder with your project and help them through any concerns they may have. We are very experienced at working with others to ensure product and labour turn up at the right time so that your projects timetable is not effected.


Please call us to discuss your project or e-mail us your plans, we will provide you will a full proposal and costing for your system. Once we receive a deposit for the equipment we can then provide you with the full CAD design for your system.




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