System Design


The design of a underfloor heating system is very important to make sure the system will give enough heat into the building.  Underfloor heating is not suitable for old drafty buildings but are very suitable for newer or upgraded houses with insulation level close to current building regulations.


It is important that you also tell us what sort of floor covering you want to have as some carpets and engineered flooring are not suitable on some floor types due to the insulation properties of the floor covering.


Pipe spacing will give you what the floor temperature will be and if the floor temperature is too high it will make it very uncomfortable.  When comparing systems please check what pipe spacing they are offering as it will be a little cheaper to install but the system will not deliver the comfort levels you would expect.


If you hare going to connect the system to a heat pump the pipe spacing should be decreased on average 50mm to ensure you keep a high COP from your heat pump, there are studies by BRE and Carbon Trust shows that fuel savings are a lot higher with a correctly design underfloor heating system that others.


Once you accept the price for our system then we will produce a design and CAD drawings to show were the pipe work will be laid into the floor.  If you have chosen to install the system yourselves you can use the drawings to make the installation simple or we have installers that can lay your underfloor heating quickly and efficiently.




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