Solar Heating for Swimming Pools


Swimming pools and solar thermal work extremely well together due to the low temperatures required for heating a swimming pool and the constant delivery of heat produced by a solar thermal system.  To assist with the efficient running of an outdoor swimming pool, Williams Renewables always recommends installing a pool cover so that heat is not lost during the night while the solar thermal is not active.


Heating a domestic swimming pool and heating a larger pool, such as at a leisure centre, require two very different executions of the same technology.  With every commercial system we design and install a system that is fit for purpose and can deliver years of trouble free operation.  Williams Renewables prides itself on delivery of simple things that make all the different, such as installing double head pumps with auto changeover; this means that if one pump fails the system does not stop working, which in turn ensures the system continues to generate the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) income.


Solar thermal swimming pool heating, like modern heating systems, can deliver heat to the pool via a highly efficient plate heat exchanger. We ensure this heat exchanger is lagged to maximise delivery of the energy generated.  The unlagged steel pipe work in the above picture is from the gas boiler installed on site by others.

Controls are also very important and just as you wouldn’t install a domestic heating control system in a modern building, why would you install domestic controls in a commercial plant room? We are able to provide controls with BMS fault outputs or if required full communication with your BMS system if compatible.  Williams Renewables provide fully RHI compatible MID heat meters that are calibrated to Glycol. This ensures every installation is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive payments relating to a solar thermal swimming pool heating system.

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