Building Suitability


Solar thermal unlike PV needs to be carefully sized to the real life building usage as you can not export the heat like you can electricity and it very hard to turn off the sun when your buildings demand is satisfied.


Williams Renewables design team has over 10 years experience of  designing large scale solar thermal and has successfully deliver over 2,500m.sq.  Solar thermal is suitable for any building but the higher the water usage the larger the array you can have on your roof, you can not fill your roof with solar thermal panel as the system will be damaged and experience premature failure.


The building with the greatest suitability for solar thermal are Care Homes, Student accommodation (if used all year around), Hospitals, leisure centres and hotels as they all have good water demands through the day.


Buildings that should be considered for solar with some caution is office buildings, sports halls and Medical drop in centres


Solar thermal is not suitable for schools unless there is good usage in the summer months, other buildings like sports changing that only have weekend use.


For any system over 10 Panels you should always receive a solar report similar to the one below to ensure your solar system will function correctly and not over heat.  Williams Renewables will provide you with this information as part as the design package for your system.


Solar Report from T*Sol




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