Warranties and Guarantees


All work undertaken by Williams Renewables is covered by a 5 year installation warranty to ensure total customer confidence in our work and guarantee every installation we complete is carried out to the highest standard.


All products installed by Williams Renewables meet the necessary MCS standards to ensure our systems are eligible for the FiT scheme.


If a deposit is made we issue our customers with an insurance-backed deposit guarantee as peace-of-mind. On completion of the system, this guarantee must then be sent off to activate our 5 year installation warranty.


If no deposit is paid, we take out a separate policy on our 5 year workmanship guarantee, which is specific to the installation completed.


In addition to this, each individual component installed comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee to ensure peace of mind. Once a system is fully installed and commissioned we compile and issue you with a ‘Handover Pack’ containing all the information and paperwork relating to the system and each component within it, including all commissioning documents and manufacturers details.




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