How Does Photovoltaic system it work?


The electricity generated by a solar array (a collection of solar modules) is in the form of ‘direct current’ (DC) which needs to be converted into ‘alternating current’ (AC) for general usage. This is done by an ‘inverter’, which takes the DC electricity from the array and exports AC electricity to your consumer unit or fuse board. You can either use this electricity directly, or export it to the national grid.


We also install a ‘generation meter’ which logs all the electricity you generate. It is the reading from this meter that you will need to give to your electricity provider in order to receive your FiT payments.


how solar works


The system is completely self-maintaining and does not require any regular maintenance or checking. There are no moving parts within the solar modules or the inverter, and all components come with warranties and guarantees to ensure peace of mind.


The efficiency of most solar modules can reduce over a 25 year period, the extent of which is stated by the manufacturers.  An inverter will work efficiently for the life of the installation, and again comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee.


All components installed by Williams Renewables are MCS accredited and therefore compliant for the installation to be eligible for FiT payments. For further description of Williams Renewables warranties see the Warranties and Guarantees page.





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