Domestic PV


If your property has a good sized south-east / south / south-west facing roof, or even an East / West orientation, you can be earning money from it all year round. Installing Domestic PV solar panels allows you to generate electricity which you can use for free and sell to make a profit. For more information on the current rates see the Feed-in-Tariff page.


Now has never been a better time to invest in a Domestic PV Installation!


People tend to think that the UK is not in an appropriate position to gain from the technologies of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems due to a lack of sunshine, however this assumption is incorrect. Solar PV panels (modules) function from daylight, they do not need pure brilliant sunshine. In fact, they actually work better when cooler, so a clear sunny winter’s day can give as high an output as a hot summer’s day.


The UK Government is legally obliged to produce 15% of energy used within the country from renewable sources by 2020. At a generous estimation, we currently produce roughly 2.5% of our energy from renewable sources, so you can see we have a long way to go. This fact alone shows why the government is keen to encourage the uptake of renewables at all levels throughout the country.


Key Benefits:

  • Good tax-free investment with Domestic PV Installation
  • Lower your electricity bills
  • Protect against future energy price rises
  • No maintenance
  • Extremely reliable
  • Long system life span
  • Reduce your household carbon emissions
  • Easy to retro-fit
  • Silent operation


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