Solar PV


Photovoltaics – what does it mean?


The term ‘photovoltaic’ means the direct conversion of light into electrical energy using solar cells.


In simple terms, the suns light travels through the atmosphere hitting the solar cells and creating electricity – it’s that simple!


In order to generate a sufficient amount of power, or ‘wattage’, multiple panels (otherwise known as ‘modules’) are connected together in ‘strings’ to create an ‘array’. An array can be made up from as little as 3 modules upwards. Modules vary in wattage output, however we tend to use between 240-250W modules.


Therefore, the number of modules, combined with their corresponding wattage output determines the overall size of the array, and hence which Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) bracket your system will fit into. For further information on the FiT and how to gain the optimum financial return, see our Feed-in-Tariff  page for the full explanation and Table of Technologies.



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