Schools & Public Sector PV


Client: Warwick Independent Schools


Project Details: 49.98kWp -  208 x Siliken SLK60P6L 245W modules + 3 x SMA STP 15000TL inverters using Schletter trapezoidal roof mounting system


As part of the re-development of the sports pavilion, the Warwick Schools required 10% of the electrical demand for the building to be provided by a renewable source.


Following comprehensive planning, Williams Renewables were able to complete the works within term time, taking a week in total, causing minimal disruption to the school’s day to day operation.


Not only does the solar PV system achieve the electrical generation required but also provides the school with an additional revenue stream, reduces their electricity bills and can be used as a practical educational tool for the pupils using the integrated monitoring system that can be viewed anywhere within the school.

Client: West Kirby Residential School


Project Details: 25kWp – 104 x Jetion JT240PCe (240W) modules + 2 x SMA STP 12000TL inverters using Schletter mounting system


West Kirby Residential School had seen the advantages a solar PV system had to offer an organisation such as theirs; with heavy energy usage throughout the day, 5 or 6 days a week, it could greatly reduce their bills whilst also providing an additional revenue stream and setting a great example to their students.


The system was installed on the roof of their sports centre and commissioned with the addition of an SMA Webbox, linking in the monitoring of the system to their local network. This allows all the students to log on to a computer within the school and see how much electricity they are currently generating – along with a host of the other facts and figures.


Using the quick-to-install Schletter mounting system, Williams Renewables was able to deliver this system, completely commissioned, within 4 days.




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