Solar Thermal Past Projects


More Information

Project: Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

Size: 27.6sq.m

Panel: Viessmann Vitsol 100F

Storage: 1500 litre pre-heat cylinder

Usage: Sports Changing area

Description:  The upgrade of the of the pitches at Bisham Abbey required the rebuilding of the changing facilities … 



Project: Kensington Flats

Size: 12.5sq.m

Panel: ROTH Heliostar 252s4

Storage:Five 200 liter twin coil cylinders

Usage: Flats

Description:  Due to local planning restriction the five panels




Project: Solar Repair

Size: 80sq.m

Panel: Viessmann Vitsol 200T4

Storage:Ten 1000 liter pre-heat cylinders

Usage: Student Accommodation

Description:  We were called in to repair five system that were poorly commissioned 





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