Dagnall Farm – Ground Mounted PV




Project: Dagnall Farm

Size: 26.5kWp. 100 x Canadian Solar CS6P-265

Inverters: 2 x SMA STP 12000TL-10

Mounting: Hilti Ground mounted PV system


Description: The ground mounted PV system was quickly installed during a very busy part of the year for the solar industry.  The location of the solar panels was carefully selected by the client as the area was not able to be used for growing of the farms crops due location.  The installation was to provide electricity for the farm house and surrounding buildings providing valuable savings to the running of the farm.


After the planners finally approved the down sized scheme the installation was quick and simple with the HILTI piled system.  The piling machinery was on site only a few hours and the system was ready to rack and panel the following two days.


The inverters were mounted to the rear of the frame  and underground cabling run back to the farm buildings.  The system is remotely monitored via Sunny Portal so the system can be carefully watched without having to inspect the system.  The Ground Mounted PV system is ideal for maximising the solar gain as the panels are not limited to the angle of a building and can be mounted facing the optimum angel towards south.




Ground Mounted PV - InvertersGround Mounted PV   Ground Mounted PV - Panels



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