Solar PV Past Projects


Project: Friday Island

Size: 49.92kWp. 208 x Kyocera KD240GH 240W

Inverters: 5 x SMA Tripower 10000TL-10

Mounting: Deger Energie Solar Trackers with

Description: Friday Island has long been an advocate of green technology– each one of their log




Project: Dagnall Farm

Size: 26.5kWp. 100 x CanadianSolar CS6P-265

Inverters: 2 x STP 12000TL-10

Mounting: Hilti Ground mounting system

Description: The ground mounted system was quickly installed and the client is happy using this part of unused




Project: Worlds End Studios

Size: 10kWp.  40 x Suntech STP250S 250W

Inverter: Kaco 10.0 TL3

Mounting: K2 Speedrail mounting system for metal roofs

Description: Worlds End Studios, a converted factory now made up of over 50 companies in West London, were repairing 




solar pv panels leisure centre

Project: Godalming Leisure Centre

Size: 13.395kWp.  Solon Black 285W

Inverter: Kaco Powador 14.0TL

Mounting: Solon ballasted flat roof tubs

Description: When Waverley Borough Council wanted to create a modern, efficient leisure centre in partnership with DC Leisure




Project: Warwick School

Size: 50kWp.  REC REC245PE 245W

Inverter: SMA STP 15000TL with SMA Webbox remote monitor

Mounting: Shletter on-roof sheet metal

Description: As part of the re-development of the sports pavilion, the school required 10% of the electrical demand 




West Kirby School renewable energy

Project: West Kirby Residential School

Size: 25kWp.  Jetion JT240PCe 240W

Inverter: SMA STP 12000TL-20 with SMA Webbox remote monitor

Mounting: Shletter on-roof sheet metal

Description: As a non-maintained special school, West Kirby Residential School caters for pupils year round, 7 days a week. With a great south




Warwick School solar PV

Project: Kings High School, Warwick

Size: 22kWp.  REC REC250PE 250W

Inverter: SMA STP 10000TL-20

Mounting: Shletter on-roof hooks

Description: This high achieving girls school in Warwick wanted to ensure they were doing everything they could to keep their carbon emissions




solar PV domestic

Project: Dr Cunliffe

Size: 3.92kWp.  Day4 60MC-1 245W

Inverter: SMA SunnyBoy 4000TL-20 with Sunny Beam monitor

Mounting: Shletter on-roof hooks

Description: ”We were on the point of appointing a solar installer when we were recommended to obtain one more quote from Williams Renewables




solar PV domestic

Project: Dr Davidson

Size: 3.67kWp.  Sharp NU-R245J5 245W

Inverter:  Fronius IG TL 3.6

Mounting: Shletter on-roof hanger bolts

Description: Dr Davidson was looking for as big a system as he could have installed, and we were able to design and install




Project: Warwick School, Science Block

Size: 30kWp.  REC REC250PE 250W

Inverters:  SMA STP 12000TL + SMA STP 7000TL-20 with SMA Webbox remote monitor

Mounting: Shletter on-roof hanger bolts

Description: As the 3rd installation for the schools, Williams Renewables were commissioned to install a system on the schools 4 storey science



Solar farmProject: Brooks Farm

Size: 45.59kWp.  Axitec AC-235P 235W

Inverter:  SMA STP 15000TL-20 with SMA Webbox remote monitor

Mounting: Ground mounted pile driven tables

Description: Following a ‘test’ 4kWp installation on their barn roof, Brooks Farm were sufficiently impressed with the level




solar pv installation

Project: Chippenham Pitstop Service Station

Size: 9.99kWp.  Luxor 185W

Inverter:  Power One PVI 10TL-/OUTD

Mounting: Clickfit on-roof hooks

Description: A service station in Wiltshire saw the potential to hugely reduce their electricity bills and take advantage




solar PV farm

Project: The Chicken Shack

Size: 8kWp.  HJ Solar HJM250M-32 250W

Inverter:  Kaco Powador 4202

Mounting: K2 Speedrail on-roof sheet metal

Description: Running his printing business from the Chicken Shack, Mike is keen to do everything he can




solar PV village hall

Project: Weedon Bec Village Hall

Size: 9.36kWp.  Renesola JC260M-24/ Bbv 260W

Inverter:  SMA STP 8000TL-20

Mounting: Shletter felt on-roof hanger bolts

Description: The chairman of the village hall asked 3 companies to tender for a solar PV installation and awarded




Project: Dr Pitts

Size: 2.94kWp.  Sharp NU-R245J5 245W

Inverter:  SMA Sunny Boy 3000

Mounting: Shletter on-roof hanger bolts

Description: Dr Pitts was keen to make a wise financial investment and reap the rewards from the Feed-in-Tariff




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