Organic Lea – Log Boiler Eco Angus Orligno 200



Project: Organic Lea

Boiler: Eco Angus – Orlingno 200 Log Boiler.

Output:  40kW

Fuel Store: N/A Log Boiler

Buffer Storage: 2000 liter buffer

Usage: Space heating for offices, packing area and the classroom.


Description: Organic lea had an old log boiler with out a buffer vessel so they found they were using a lot of wood and they couldn’t control how much heat was delivered into the system.  Williams Renewables designed a new system around the Eco Angus Orlingno 200 40kW Log boiler with a 2000 liter buffer tank.  The installation of  the boiler has now meant that they can control the heating by loading the buffer vessel and then using the heat over a period of time.

The Orlingno 200 boiler is very simple to operate but also very robust so they will have years of trouble free heating.  The installation of the heat meter is installed to claim the RHI from the heat generated.  The site grows fruit and vegetables that it sales locally and is a unique place that people are taught about organic growing in the class room.



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