Kingscote Barn – Biomass ETA PE-K 90 Pellet boiler



Project: Kingscote Barn

Boiler: ETA PE-K90 Pellet Boiler.

Output:  95kW

Fuel Store: 4 Tonne intermediate silo

Buffer Storage: 2000 litre buffer

Usage: District Heating for farm house, wedding venue, holiday let and office space

Delivery: Brugg CALPEX Twin Underground pipe work to heat exchange units.


Description: Installing a biomass boiler and plant room at a wedding busiest time of year we not an option, so we could provide the client with our own biomass packaged plant room that could be built off site and delivered to site.  The Container is shortened to 4.5 meters and areas strengthened to mount the flue to and the pipes to exit from the unit. This unit is designed to take a pellet boiler up to 95kW and six heating circuits and optional wall mount fossil fuel boiler back up with an external hopper.  We have a 12 meter version with integrated fuel store.


The client has a large pellet store at the main farm and uses the local hopper to fill when required and the site does not have guest around to ensure minimum disruption.  The pellets are feed using a vacuum system to a day hopper that is burn during the day and refilled at set times during the day to reduce the chances of disruption.


The system main controls are  within the pellet boiler that can be remotely logged into via the meinETA portal and if all else fails there are traditional manual control panel.  The heat main uses on of the most efficient preinsulated underground pipe BRUGG Calpex Duo available with a heat loss at a very low 1.275 watts per meter with a 70 degree flow temperature.


The system has three circuits for each area of the complex and one for the farm house that is just over 150 meters away all independently controlled due to the variable usage for each area and to keep the pipe work losses to a minimum,  Each area has a plate heat exchanger to keep each system hydraulically separated from each other.



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