Cotswold Dogs – Biomass ETA PE-K45 Pellet boiler



Project: Cotswold Dogs

Boiler: ETA PE-K45 Pellet Boiler.

Output:  45kW

Fuel Store: 3 Tonne GeoBox

Buffer Storage: 1000 liter buffer

Usage: Underfloor Heating and radiator system for the kennels and residents


Description: The Cotwold Dogs hotel is a luxury place for boarding dogs and what a better way to keep them comfortable than underfloor heating feed by a ETA PE-K45 pellet boiler.

The installation had its challenges as it was installed in a very old part of the barn dating back over 400 years.  To say the walls were a little out of plumb would be an understatement but this just added to the charm of the old and new meeting.  The pellet boiler can be remotely access from the internet and if there is any faults will e-mail the client.  This has brought this old barn well into the 21st Century.


The system was also connected to the old central heating system once we removed the old oil boiler that used to heat the residents.  Each circuit is controlled from the boiler and gives the added function of remotely controlling there heating through the MeinETA portal







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