Biomass Past Projects


The appointment of David Read has brought his expertise of installing gas and biomass boilers to Williams Renewables, with many thousands of kilowatts of boilers installed throughout the UK.


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Project: Boundary Court

Boiler: ETA HACK 195kW Chip Boiler.

Storage: 2 x 2000 litre buffer + 1000 litre thermal store at the main house

Usage: District Heating for Manor House, 4 bedroom cottage, 3 Holiday lets and office space.

Description: 195kW ETA HACK boiler is connected to a district heating scheme was installed 



Project: Kingscote Barn

Boiler: ETA PE-K 95kW Pellet Boiler.

Storage: 2000 litre buffer e

Usage: District Heating for farm House, Wedding venue, 4 Holiday lets and office space.

Description: 95kW ETA PE-K is installed in a container to overcome the sensitive site 



Log Boiler - Orlingo 200

Project: Organic Lea

Boiler: Eco Angus Orlingo 200 – 40kW Log Boiler

Storage: 2000 litre buffer

Usage: Office space, packing area and classroom

Description: New log boiler with a buffer vessel added control to there old system and using there wood from site 




Pellet Store Geobox Project: Cotswold Dogs

Boiler: ETA PE-K45

Storage: 1000 litre buffer

Usage: Dog hotel and residents

Description: Every dog hotel needs Under Floor Heating feed buy a pellet boilers.  The dogs may not realize they are staying in a low carbon  




Installing ETA PC32 Pellet boilerProject: Domestic Install Oxfordshire

Boiler: ETA PC-32 Pellet Boiler.

Storage: 800 liter buffer

Usage: Hot water from fresh water module and heating

Description: Domestic installation that combined the power of this very compact pellet boiler and instant hot water.  The comfort of the house has improved since we provided outdoor weather compensation  



Alton - 70kW Chip boiler

Project: District Heating Alton

Boiler: ETA HACK 70 Chip Boiler.

Storage: 2000 liter buffer

Usage: District heating

Description: District heating system to heat a converted barn and two farm cottages near the boiler located centrally  




Two ETA PC32 Pellet boilers

Project: Domestic Install Hertfordshire

Boiler: two ETA PC-32 Pellet Boiler.

Storage: 2 x 800 liter buffer

Usage: Hot water from plate heat exchanger and heating

Description: Domestic installation that combined the power of this very compact pellet boiler into a very tight space.  Due to the way the RHI is set up we needed to install two 32kW  









Williams Renewables is a HETAS registered company and holds the qualifications to install biomass boilers through their Competent Person Scheme.









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