The Green Deal


Cut the Carbon

Britain has some of the oldest building stock in Europe.  These solid-wall constructed and poorly insulated buildings leak heat. They also consume lots of energy and create high level emissions of unwelcome CO2 (carbon dioxide).


The Green Deal and is a revolutionary programme designed to bring UK buildings up to date and it is planned to start at the end of 2012. It targets all buildings whether private, commercial or public sector.


Here’s how it works: under the Green Deal, bill payers will be able to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties without having to pay up front. Instead, the capital costs will be met by so-called Green Deal Providers.


The Green Deal Providers are in turn financed by the Green Deal Financing Company. The capital sum is simply recovered via the energy bill. In other words, the loan is tied to the energy meter of the property and not to any individual or company.


At the heart of the offer is a simple rule: estimated savings on bills will always equal or exceed the cost of the work.


Start planning now for immediate savings.


Special VAT break for homeowners


As an additional incentive for the domestic home-improvement market, the cost of buying and installing any of a comprehensive range of energy saving solutions will attract only 5% VAT. This will make an enormous difference to the customer and further enhance the return on investment and therefore increase the speed at which these improvements pay for themselves.






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