Free Solar


Williams Renewables is able to offer the ‘Free Solar’ (Rent-a-Roof) model for businesses, schools, colleges and public sector organisations. This results in a completely free solar PV installation being installed at your location, where you can benefit from the electricity it generates at no cost what-so-ever.


As the electricity generator you get to use all the electricity for free while the finance company receives the Feed in Tariff. At the end the of the 20 year agreement, system is yours leaving you to continue benefiting from the free electricity it generates.


Option 3: Third-party finance


Under third-party financed system:


We are also able to offer completely 100% free solar installations for commercial customers.  This type of opportunity is based on one of our financing partners leasing your roof space and installing a solar energy system for free.  The finance partner will own the system and will take the Feed-in Tariff and then will sell you the electricity generated at an agreed rate.






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