Williams Renewables realise that one of the principle barriers to the adoption of renewable energy is the cost. As such we have worked to remove this barrier and can now offer various methods of funding PV or for your other renewable projects.


We work closely with funders interested in renewable technologies and can help individuals and organisations secure finance for many projects based on clear demonstrable returns.


There are many ways of financing renewable projects and they are always changing as new incentives come along so contact us for the latest news. Williams Renewables can help you get your renewables project off the ground whatever your circumstances.


We can offer leases which can be spread over 3 to 15yrs depending on your type of organisation. Using the Feed-in-Tariff to help with the repayments makes this a very attractive solution.


We can offer the ‘Free Solar’ (Rent-a-Roof model) for businesses, schools, colleges and public sector organisations. As the electricity generator you get to use all the electricity for free while the finance company receives the Feed-in-Tariff. At the end the of the 20 year agreement, system is yours leaving you to continue benefiting from the free electricity it generates.


We can also offer loans to cover the cost of the installation and equipment. This way you are able to get your system installed with no initial outlay of capital. The repayments for the loan are subsequently made using the earnings from the Feed-in-Tariff and Export Tariff payments. Once the loan has been completely repaid all further Feed-in-Tariff and Export Tariff payments are left for you.


If you have a high heat demand you may like to setup an ESCO (energy service company) with one of a partners, so you only have to buy the heat for your building with no upfront costs to the end user.








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