Friday Island Log House Holidays


Client: Friday Island Log House Holidays


Project Details: 49.92kWp – 5 x Deger Energie Solar Trackers using 208 x Kyocera KD240GH 240W and 5 x SMA Tripower 10000TL-10 inverter


Friday Island has long been an advocate of green technology – each one of their log cabins is already heated using water-to-air heat pumps, making the most of their natural surrounding resources. The next logical step for the resort was to generate the overwhelming majority of its power requirements from the sun.


And so they embarked on the project of installing 5 solar trackers, each one containing over 40 solar panels, which would produce anything upwards of 40,000kWh per year.


The obvious advantage of the trackers is that they follow the sun throughout the day and year, giving a much higher level of energy generation. For more information on these systems, please contact Williams Renewables.



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