Domestic PV


Client Domestic PV: Jamie Cunliffe


Project Type: 3.92kWp – 16 x Day4 245W + SMA Sunnyboy 4000 TL-20


Domestic PV InstallationDomestic PV InstallationDomestic PV Installation

We were on the point of appointing a solar installer when we were recommended to obtain one more quote from Williams Renewables.”


“They came up with a setup for our house that seemed, to us, to be tailor made and at a competitive price. Rob Williams was very capable in addressing my various technical concerns. On his recommendation, sixteen Day4 Energy 60MC-1 panels were installed on our roof giving us a solar generating plant of just shy of 4 kW. These panels, feeding into a Sunny Boy 4000TL inverter (which I am able to monitor on my computer through a Bluetooth dongle), have given us a neat and effective setup.


Williams Renewables were very efficient. They installed the system in 3 days with a minimum of disruption and to a high standard. The paper work throughout was good (the best experienced), clear and comprehensive and I had a comprehensive understanding of the options available. This hardware combination was the most impressive that I had been offered to date (three other quotes). This is why I chose them as installers. Assuming that my experience is typical of all their installations, I can strongly recommend them.”


Client Domestic PV: Dr Ken Davidson


Project Type: 3.67kWp – 15 x Sharp 245W + Fronius IG TL 3.6


Domestic PV InstallationDomestic PV InstallationDomestic PV Installation

“Thanks guys – just what we were looking for!”


Ken was looking for as big a system as he could have installed, and we were able to design and install 15 Sharp 245W panels giving him a total system of 3.67kWp.


Client Domestic PV: Dr John Pitts


Project Type: 2.94kWp – 12 x Sharp 245W + SMA Sunnyboy 3000


Domestic PV InstallationDomestic PV InstallationDomestic PV Installation

“We were extremely happy with the quality of the work carried out and the professionalism of the installers. Definitely a good investment.”


Dr Pitts was keen to make a wise financial investment and reap the rewards from the Feed-in-Tariff. With their well sized south-east facing roof, we were able to install 12 x Sharp 245W modules with a SMA Sunnyboy 3000, giving them a reasonably sized 2.94kWp system. The installation was done over a four day period, with the inverter installed in the loft space.



Project Type: 1.22kWp – 5 x Sharp 245W + SMA Sunnyboy 1200 on flat roof


Domestic PV InstallationDomestic PV InstallationDomestic PV Installation

“We were so pleased that we were able to fit a Solar PV system onto our roof as we had quite a limited space, however Williams Renewables designed the ideal layout for our location”


Hanns and Kate Paul have a small flat roof on top of their three story Kings Cross town house and wanted to make use of the space. With their requirements and location taken into careful consideration, we were able to offer them a custom built mounting frame for the solar panels to optimise the space available. Using 5 of the popular Sharp 245W modules with a SMA Sunnyboy 1200, they are now looking to generate their own electricity from what must be one of the most central Solar PV systems in London.




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