Wood Chip Boiler Range


Wood Chip boilers require large stores and don’t offer any manual feed systems.  


Please call us about your site as chip boilers fuel system

as this is then most important part of the install.  



 ETA HACK 20 to 200 kW


The ETA range of boilers has a great connectivity so this boiler is the ideal solution for larger installations were remote monitoring is essential.  The Lambda controls ensure the best burn possible with the variable sizing of the fuel.






• Wood chip boiler with tilting grate in Ceramic-lined retort
• Speed controlled draught ventilator for operation independent from chimney draught
• Automatic ignition
• Automatic ash disposal system
• Lambda control with automatic fuel recognition
• Complete control including hot water tank management and outside temperature controlled heating circuit integrated in the boiler.
• Wood chip conveyor system with proven floor agitator up to six meters in diameter
• shortest assembly times through modular system, pre-wired and ready to use


Please download further information here




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