Biomass is now an alternative to an Oil boiler


If you are looking to replace your oil-fired boiler or looking for an alternative to oil and replacing it with a biomass boiler can not only save you money, but also earn you money through the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI).  With fuel suppliers now covering most of the UK for bulk pellet delivery your deliveries are as convenient as your oil boiler.


If you install a biomass boiler before the end of March 2014 you will receive a payment of £2,000 from the Government and still receive* the RHI grant for 7 years at 12.2p/kwh if you are off the gas network.  Hurry as this rate is linked to the number of installations and will be reduced as the number of installations pass preset thresholds.


Below is the current average price for oil. As a rough guide, if you divide the pence/litre price by 10 then you get p/kWh; therefore 60p/litre = 6p/kWh. Bulk supply of pellets averages about 4.2p/kWh including average delivery charges.


Heating oil price for oil boilers data provided by

Domestic Heating Oil Prices from ©


If you change to a biomass boiler instead of an oil boiler you can reduce risk of theft of the oil if your tank is vulnerable  There is significant reduction in the risk of pollution if there is damage to your tank and you will not have to keep equipment to current DEFRA standards for fuel stores .  We recommend you look at our pellet boiler pages and we can help you select the correct oil boiler replacement to ensure it works well with your current heating system.


* The £2,000 payments is an advanced payment of the RHI so you will receive further payments once you have used 16,400kWh of heat.

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