meinETA login


Live updates from your ETA boiler installation can be yours when you purchase any of the boilers in the ETA range at no extra cost with meinETA.


Our clients who have installed ETA boilers are benefiting from the meinETA  remote access and e-mail alerts so they have the peace of mind that there boiler is functioning as it should.  Through the meinETA portal you can access all the functions on your boiler and even turn it off and on if requires from any browser with an internet connection including your Apple iPhone or Android device.


It also has the added benefit of keeping there servicing cost down as we also have access to many of these boiler and keep an eye on the boilers and if they need to be serviced a little earlier or later depending on the full load hours of the boiler.  Faults can be picked up early so that further problems do not develop.


For a demonstration everything you can do while logged into the boiler please follow the link below




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