Domestic Biomass Boilers


These are usually installed inside the living room / working space of the building and can provide space and water heating (using back boilers) and in some cases ducted space heating.  Cookers are commonly solid fuel units that have been converted to take logs, and room heaters usually take wood logs and increasingly wood pellet.


The traditional log stove, while remaining popular, has also had a facelift for those wanting a more modern, contemporary look. Manufacturers of these include; Arkiane, Firebelly, Jotul, Saey, Scan, Wanders and Westfire.


Pellet stoves can provide a less hands-on room heater, which enables you to still see a real flame whilst achieving efficiencies as high as 95%. They are highly automated appliances that have electronic ignition and full time control and thermostatic room sensors like a gas boiler. These appliances require low maintenance, as the ash from high quality wood pellets is less than 1% of the total mass burned.


Pellet stoves are typically sized between 6–25kW and usually have a hopper that you pour pellets into from bags. The hoppers vary in size from 15kg – 30kg loads. A 30kg bag should last up to 4 days, depending on usage.



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